Saturday, March 5, 2011

Office Re-Do Phase 1: Planning

Here's an idea of what I'm working with right now. Sort of. I snapped this picture the day we moved in. The pink-ish blind has been replaced with a white one. The LB guitar has its home in the game room. But it gives you the idea. Now, the wall that I took the picture from is brick red. The other three walls are the light orange/melon color you see. And you see the closet in the second picture.

We've been talking about re-doing this room for quite some time. It's not a huge room. We're talking a 10 x 15 with the closet. So let's get started, shall we?

-We're keeping the red wall. I love it to be honest. And we have a painting Jon loves that goes PERFECT with the wall color. The other walls, however are going to be a deep tan color...not totally sure what shade yet. I'm bringing a carpet sample home in the next week or so. (I'm going to paint the room in 3 weeks.) Here's the idea of colors I'm looking at:



We're also going to install new carpet in the office too. I can't find a picture of it online though. :( But it's the exact same style as what we have in the living room and hallway, just a different color. The base color is a dark brown. I think it will look great. We're going to put the same thing in our other 2 rooms too, when we get to them!

So here's the rundown/checklist so far:

-Pick out carpet (CHECK)
-Pick out paint
-Get new closet doors
-Stain closet doors
-Buy new shelving for the office
-Have carpet installed (We're going to have one of my co-workers take care of this for us when we're on vacation in May.)
-Enjoy our amazing new office!!

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