Saturday, March 5, 2011

House Update

Jon and I have been talking about putting more work into our house. We have so many things we want to do. So many, in fact, that one will be talked about in a separate post that I'll make in a bit. This weekend, we spent buying things for the house. Including:



Those pretty babies get delivered to us Friday afternoon! I'm soo excited! We went to Target after ordering them and I bought chocolate brown throw pillows to go with the sofa.

-We also traded in our junky toilet seat to one that doesn't close on its own. Check!
-We bought new globes for our hallway. The globes we had were original to the house. They gave us a yellow-ish light that wasn't all that bright. We bought plain white ones at Lowe's today and it made the hallway so much brighter!!
-We traded in our Valentine's Decorations for Spring ones! (Pictures to come)
-Bought a new door mat. We were still rocking our "Happy Holidays" one. Cort and I went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe yesterday and I found a monogrammed "B" one and snatched it up for $6!
-Speaking of Christmas Tree Shoppe....I bought us nightstands..FINALLY. Jon's aunt and uncle gave us their bedroom suit which came with a queen bed frame, a dresser, and a tall armoire, but no nightstands. I found mission style walnut ones at CTS.
They look similar to this, but with just a basic walnut knob on the drawer. We're very happy with them. For the $45 price tag, they're very well constructed-made of solid wood, even. Nice!

And finally, at CTS, I found vinyl letters. Now, I had been sort of leery about these, but for the price of $ could I go wrong? The ones I bought came in a pack of like-sayings. I bought one for the kitchen and one for our bedroom. Now, above our kitchen table, it says,"Eat, Drink, and Be Merry" and above the doorway in our bedroom it says, "Live Laugh Love".

So happy!!

Now, on to the next project!!!

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