Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Cleaning List for the Weekend

-Changed furnace filter
-Cleaned out most of the cabinets: pantry, spice, pots/pans, tupperware, and junk drawer
-Cleaned out fridge and freezer
-Wiped down all the baseboards
-Changed the batteries in the clock in the kitchen
-Cleaned out my make up bag
-Cleaned out/threw away old medicines/first aid items
-Went through my canvas bin in the bathroom where I keep all my hair products/lotions/etc

Overall, I think it's been a productive day! I even manged to do the dishes twice, make 3 meals, do 4 loads of laundry, get Reg ready for the week (I always clean his crate, brush his teeth, clip his nails, etc on Sundays.), take a shower, make popcorn, and manage to plop my happy little self on the couch right at 9:00 to watch Army Wives!

Not sure how much cleaning I'll get done next weekend. As of right now, my plan is to paint the office on Saturday while Jon is at the Reds game! Keep you updated!

Have a great week, dolls!

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