Thursday, November 4, 2010

Days 2-4 of Thanks

Day 2:

I'm thankful for my mama! She's the best mother I could ever ever ask for. I love her to pieces! I hope I'm half as good as a mother as she is. and I'm thankful for how close we've always been.

Day 3

I can be thankful for my puppy, right?! :) Seriously though, even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I absolutely love this animal. Probably more than normal. I love how excited he gets when I get home, how sad he is when I leave, and how he loves me more than Jon! (haha!) He unconditionally loves me. He has such a playful nature, yet he's so protective of me. I think he's going to be a great dog to have around when we have children one day.

Day 4

I'm also thankful for my sister! We weren't always close growing up, but since we've gotten older we've gotten a lot closer. I'm thankful for always having her to talk to and listen. She's amazing and I love her dearly!

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