Sunday, November 21, 2010

Days 15-21

Day 15

I finally broke down and bought a pair of these. They are so warm and actually look pretty good with some skinny jeans. And they keep my feet warm and toasty, which will be great for the upcoming fun events we have going on!

Day 16

I'm typing this while watching Home Alone which reminds me of how much I love Christmas movies! They always put a smile on my face and they get me excited for the Christmas season.

Day 17

I've always wanted to see this event in person. That right there is Monument Circle-right smack in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. I've seen this a million times before as I lived downtown for 4 years. However, I have never seen it lit up for the first time. The city lights it every year on Black Friday and there is a fireworks show following it. I've wanted to see this FOREVER! This year, Jon and I are going with two of our best friends, Michael and Britt (who actually met at our wedding!). We're going to dinner downtown, then to see the lighting, then to a Pacer game. It should be a fun night and I'm thankful to spend it with 3 of my favorites!

Day 18

Let me tell you about this girl. This is my best friend, Ashley. We've been inseparable since sophomore year of high school. We've had ups and downs, but through it all, we've always managed to work it out. I love her so much and I'm so excited we can go shopping together on Black Friday!

Day 19

Meet Josh. This guy has always been such a sweet heart. His birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday, hun!). We had a bit of a scare several years ago when he had to have open heart surgery. I'm thankful every single time I get to see him and I'm so grateful that he is still here with us. He's such a wonderful person and I love him dearly.

Day 20

You know, work is so much easier when we click with someone you work with. You know, it's even better when you meet a co-worker and they become one of your best friends. This is Britt (see Christmas tree lighting entry)! I get to see her this weekend and I can't put into words how excited I am! We usually have distance between us (i.e. MOROCCO, NYC, and now Denver) but we still manage to stay close and we see each other every chance we get. I love love love her and I'm thankful to have met her.

Day 21

I'm thankful that Jon and I were able to go on vacation this year! We had a great week together and I can't wait to go on another vacation!

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