Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22

Today I'm thankful for Vera Bradley and their great customer service! I ordered a Vera purse and wallet on the 11th of this month. I never received it. I tracked it Saturday and it showed they delivered it to the house across the street--to the only neighbor we haven't met yet. We went over there and the woman apologized but she refused the package from Fed Ex because she assumed that Kari B was the name of the girl that lived in the house before her (It's a rental home.). Long story short and two hours of fighting with Fed Ex later, they believed me when I told them that the address on the package was wrong, but they wouldn't change the address. I said "Fine, then just deliver it across the street and I'll come pick it up." They said they couldn't do that because they KNEW it was the wrong house. Ugh.

So on my lunch hour today I called Vera and they tried to have Fed Ex send it to me again and Fed Ex refused to. Instead, they insisted on sending it back to Vera. Technically, Vera has to refund my order. Bali Gold, the pattern I originally bought, is out of stock now. Sad face. But this really nice woman gave me several different patterns to choose from. I ended up getting a purse, wallet, and a checkbook cover which I should be receiving on Black Friday at the latest!

So excited! Vera's customer service FAR FAR FAR exceeds any expectations!!

Here is my new pattern:

(photo courtesy of

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