Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello, Fall!

I absolutely love fall! It's my favorite time of the year aside from Christmas!! Jon and I went shopping last weekend and bought some new stuff for the house! Here are a few pictures! There are more things we bought but those have to wait until we put out our Christmas decorations!

Our new doormat! Meijer-$9.99 Yes, please!

Our cute little scarecrows! Walmart $1/each.

This is a combo picture. This is actually right before entering our hallway just a few feet down from the TV. We just bought the shelf (Target $8.99) and the decorations (Pumpkins $1.00/each Christmas Tree Shoppe and Scarecrows $2.00 each CVS)

You can see the larger shelf pictured above a little in this picture as well. We bought this shelf (Target $4.99) and the cute little Halloween figures (Christmas Tree Shoppe $1.50/each). I'm not sure what I'll put on this shelf in November but I'm sure I can figure something out.

Now onto non-holiday related things. Jon found this sign at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1.00. It was perfect for our wine themed kitchen and fit perfectly above the doorway leading into the hallway.

This is in our master bedroom. It's just one of the shelves we bought. (Once again, Target $4.99 each) The flowers are my actual bouquet from our wedding! You can see my Granny's pearls still attached to it. The picture frame (Walmart $3.00) fits the "theme" of our bedroom. The picture is of us in Epcot! The little black box you see on the right side is a shadow box we have. In the center is a 4 x 6 picture of us and surrounding it are various tickets and stubs from events we've went to together since we've been a couple. We're going to hang the other floating shelf on the other side of the shadow box, but I don't know what to put on it yet so for now, that wall is a little lopsided! Also, to carry the "All because two people fell in love..." theme, there is a small sign we bought back when we got engaged from Target that hangs over the bed that says the same thing! I love the saying and I think it fits us perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed the newness! I love buying new stuff for our home! I can't wait to get it all decorated for Christmas! That's my favorite time!

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