Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vacation Recap Post

I know it's been a week since we got back and I'm just now updating. I had a lot going on but nonetheless, here we go! I took about 500 pictures, but luckily for you, I'm only posting a couple!

A picture of us in each of the parks! Minus a picture from Downtown Disney! We had a wonderful time!! I definitely recommend the dining plan. We came out with 2 extra snacks that we used the last night. Jon had a great idea for us. We opted to use our snacks as breakfast in the morning. At our hotel (The Caribbean Beach) it had a food court. You could use a snack for numerous things, including orange juice, donuts, bagels, muffins, etc. We also bought the $13.00 refillable drink cup. You could refill it as many times as you want to within the hotel. You can refill it with pop, water, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. Very much worth it. We also carried it into the parks with us and refilled it at the drinking fountains.

As far as food goes, here is a list of the places we ate at and OUR thoughts on it:

Shutters at Old Port Royale: I wish I could tell you how much we loved this place! We both got the same thing (NY strip and a baked potato). The steak could seriously be cut with just a fork! Absolutely delicious! Our desserts were phenomenal! And we were given champagne to celebrate our anniversary. The service was great as well, and they were able to get us in early! (Grade: A +)

Casey's Corner: You give us any place with unlimited cheese for your hot dogs and fries, and we're in seventh Heaven! The food was delicious!! The only thing I didn't like about the place was the lack of seating. It had a baseball theme in it and the seating were bleachers...which made it awkward to try to eat hot dogs and fries. (Grade: B +)

Liberty Tree Tavern: First impression of this place was NOT good. We arrived 30 minutes before our reservation time and checked in at the hostess station.. We weren't sat until 15 minutes after our reservation time. People were sat that just walked in while we were forced to wait. Then when I went to check on how much longer it would be, the host was texting on his Blackberry and told me to "wait just a few minutes and he'll look". I was not happy. After we got sat, I cannot tell you how great our server was! And the food was wonderful! Since we were on the dining plan, we were told what we were having. Hold on, I know that sounds bad but here's what we had for dinner (in a family style, so all you can eat) Salad and rolls (delicious); a trio of meat (strip steak, ham with applesauce glaze, and turkey AMAZING); mashed potatoes, mac and cheese (both yummy!), and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was SOOOO good!! (Grade: B -)

Restaurantosaurus: Not a lot to choose from. We both got burgers and fries. For dessert, Jon got chocolate mousse and I got a cheesecake cup. I didn't touch the cheesecake cup due to its weird glaze over the cheesecake. (Grade: C)

Liberty Bell: Great great great customer service. Really good food! (Grade: B)

Wolfgang Puck: Pizza was AMAZING!! For dessert, we both had amazing cookies that were as big as our head. (Grade: A -)

ESPN Club: The food? Amazing. Service? Amazing. Sports theme? AMAZING! Location? AMAZING! (Grade: A +)

Pizza Planet: Decent food. The portions were pretty small. If we weren't on the meal plan, I wouldn't have wanted to eat there. The price of that little pizza was just silly, in my opinion. Wolfgang Puck pizza was double the size with twice the flavor. Cool atmosphere though. (Grade: B -)

50's Prime Time Cafe: I ate here when I was younger. I'm not sure why I loved it so much. The atmosphere is cool. It's very 50's-esque for sure. Everyone has a "family" theme. The food was...okay. The fried chicken was delicious, but the mashed potatoes and green beans were awful. Jon and I both got smores for dessert, which was really good but really really small. Think one rectangle of graham cracker small. (Grade: C)

Electric Umbrella: Jon had chicken fingers and fries. I had a grilled chicken caesar salad. We both had chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Jon loved loved loved it! I hated hated hated it! hahaha My chicken was disgusting! The chocolate chip cookies weren't very good at all. (Grade: C -)

Blue River Pizza Company (I think?): The last night we just had pizza delivered to our room. The pizza was very very VERY good. Best pizza we had all week! Plus, it was convenient! (Grade: A)

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