Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation Timeline

Due to the vacation being pushed up two months, Jon and I sat down tonight and figured out our itinerary and our meal plans for the week we're on vacation.

Sunday-explore the hotel, relax, get settled in
Dinner: Shutters at Old Port Royale (at our hotel) Menu

Monday-Magic Kingdom
Lunch: Casey's Corner (Hot dogs and unlimited cheese? Hellooo, lover!)
Dinner: Liberty Tree Tavern Menu

Tuesday-Animal Kingdon
Lunch: Restaurantosaurus
Dinner: Tusker House Menu (Sidenote: Is it sad that I'm pretty sure Jon and I both got way too excited over the "Kids Choices" in the buffet?)

Wednesday-Downtown Disney/Water Park day (Middle of the week--let's relax a little)
Dinner-ESPN Club

Thursday-Hollywood Studios
Lunch-Pizza Planet (Jon = Biggest Toy Story fan EVER)
Dinner- 50's Prime Time Cafe Menu (I ate here with my parents and cousin one year and have always wanted to go back!)

Lunch-Liberty Inn
Dinner-Sci-Fi Drive Inn Menu (We couldn't pick just one dinner place at we're just going to go back!)

Countdown: 3 months, 3 weeks, 2 days!

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