Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here's some during remodel pictures!

Okay I'm caving and posting on the damn bathroom! We got our floor laid yesterday! It looks amazing!

Here's the floor (and Reggie)

Our new vanity and paint color. Still need to put the base boards on.

Attention whore over here had to have his picture taken. But he's just so cute!

Close up of the tile! DuraCeramic Fired White with Pewter Grout.


Everything else is good to go. Toilet's in, vanity's in, floor's done, shower's in...but wait...

The shower drain was put in on Monday. Jon went to take a shower Tuesday and said the water wasn't hot. No, it wasn't hot. It was barely luke warm. We've called the contractor 3 times now. Even my co-worker called him. He called me Wednesday morning and asked what was wrong. Well, there are 3 things:
1) The water is not hot--it's luke warm. It's hot everywhere else in the house, including the bathroom sink.
2) When you turn the water on for the shower, before you actually turn the shower on, the water comes out from both the faucet and the showerhead.
3) He put the gasket above the tub, so our drain has a lip on it.

And there are little other things that needs fixed too--caulking around the top of the shower walls, mudding needs done on some areas of drywall, and our dryer vent needs ran outside.

It has to be fixed tomorrow or we're going to take other actions and calling someone else to fix it. This is almost 2 weeks without a working shower. And I still need to finish painting and putting up the base boards.

It will get done though. Must stay positive!

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