Friday, April 30, 2010

Bathroom Remodel: Before and During Pictures Part 1

I finally have a bathroom remodel update!!

Picture from when Kristy and I tore up the laminate. Look at that hot mess by the shower.

Close up of the hot mess.

What the bathroom looked like when I came home for lunch. That's where the tub was.

Only one piece of the subfloor needed replaced. I call that a miracle.

Where the washer and dryer goes

And what the bathroom looked like when I got home from work just 4 hours later!! I love the new tub/shower!!

Ohhh so this is what subfloor is SUPPOSED to look like! GOT IT!

New vanity! Our other one was just wayy too big.
So much more room now!

Here's the rundown of what went down today:
-Tub, shower walls, and vanity-out!
-New drywall put up where needed
-New subfloor put down
-New vanity put in
-New tub and shower walls put in
-Toilet reset
-Kari's stress level went down a million percent.

What's left:-Tub/shower faucet to be put in
-Drywall mudded (is that even a word?) and sanded
-Painting the ceiling
-Painting the walls
-Finding a set of storage drawers (I'm thinking the skinny wicker ones)
-Put floor down (Picture to come at the end of the post)
-Baseboards put back on-Everything put away

Do you notice that what's left is so small compared to what was done?!?!?!

(picture from

This picture doesn't really show the tile well. It actually has quite a bit of gray in it. We're using pewter color grout with it. SO EXCITED!!


Victoria said...

Looking fantastic! I can't wait to see the absolute full finished product! :)

Allon said...

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