Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring/Summer House To Dos

With our lovely tax check coming soon and the weather (FINALLY) getting warmer, I thought I would post about our Spring/Summer to do list for the house!

-Redo the Bathroom. This is a #1 priority for us. It's a necessity actually. Our shower needs to be well as our sucky laminate floor that I hate more than anything. One of my co-workers is giving us a vanity so we're updating that as well. We figured, what the hell, if we're going to do all that, we may as well get a new toilet and a new vent/light/mirror--the whole shebang. I'm also going to repaint the bathroom too. Truth is--the color that's on the walls was not really the color that I wanted, but I didn't notice until I brought the paint home and by then, I was too stressed out to take it back to the store. I want the color on the walls to be a light gray--the color I ended up getting was a light gray with a lot of light blue in it.

-Paint our bedroom. Also known as get rid of the ugly chair rail and paint the entire room again. I would love to do something with our closet doors too. The guy who lived in the house before us wallpapered over the doors. I would love to get new mirrored closet doors, but we'll see.

-The Office. There are a few things with this that I would love to do. The first being paint. I'm 99.9999999999% sure this will get done because we already have the paint. We're also going to get new carpet for the office. One of my best friends is an installer so we'll have him lay the carpet for us. We're also going to get a new blind for the window and invest in some serious shelving.

-The Spare Room. I would love to paint this room as well. Number one priority though is to get a new blind and do some major purging in that room.

-Outside. #2 priority for us is to get gravel and fix up on driveway. We have a nice crater hole when you enter our drive that needs fixed badly. We've also talked about digging up the railroad trusses, but we're not sure what we would put in it's place. I want to plant 2 small flower beds on either side of our drive to line it though.

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