Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a great weekend!!

After work on Saturday, I made the trek to Indianapolis for a weekend with my girls, dinner, drinking, and football!

Me and Chels at dinner--we went to 45 degrees for sushi and martinis!

the girls that get me through everything in life--my DDs

all of us girls!

after dinner we headed to the Cadillac Ranch--here is me and D at the bar

Group shot at the bar =)

The Holy Grail of football a/k/a the Super Bowl was Sunday. I had a request to make my sugar cookies again this year. Here's a shot of them in the shapes of footballs and helmets.

I ate my weight in food on Sunday--here is why:

Look at all that food: mozzerella sticks, corn dogs, cookies, wings, etc etc

We love our boys!!

J and me--love this guy!

Here's my short sound off about the Super Bowl. We got outplayed, dammit. No sugar coating it at all. Tim Jennings needs punched in the face. I hate him. Seriously, we need to get rid of him and open up some new spots. I still love my boys and will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bleed blue! Until next season---YELL! SCREAM! GO HORSE!!

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