Friday, January 1, 2010

Our TTC Journey

06/01/11-Decided to start trying for a family
08/06/11-BFP #1
08/11/11-Miscarriage at 5 weeks,1 day
10/23/11-BFP #2
10/29/11-First Dr. Appt-betas tested
10/31/11-Betas tested again due to spotting. Numbers cut in half. We were told to wait-a second miscarriage was inevitable.
11/1/11-Miscarriage at approx. 6 weeks, 1 day (Later determined to be a false positive/chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks.)
11/16/11-Met with new doctor. Advised to start temping and using OPKs to rule out certain hormone deficiencies.
11/11-05/12-Not TTC-but temping/OPK'ing per doctor's request.
4/12-Start TTC.
6/15/12-BFP! Due Date 2/12/13!
6/25/12-Second ultrasound showing a strong heart beat at 115 bpm measuring at 6w1d!
8/1/12-Appointment-heard heart beat on Doppler for the first time. Heart beat anywhere from 133-155+ bpm!!
9/19/12-Ultrasound showed boy but we didn't get a 100% clear money shot
10/10/12-Officially Team Blue!!
2/13/13-Cooper Joseph was born at 4:21 am.

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