Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Love Nest

I need to get a new picture of the front of our house! That must occur soon...

Nonetheless, let's start with the living room.

This was the day we got possession. Which are you more jealous of? The border or the beautiful carpet?

My bosses (who are wonderful P.S.) gave us new carpet for our living room and hall as a wedding present! Then I repainted the next month.

Much better! And actually-this picture isn't accurate. We've upgraded the furniture and have matching ones now! And our DVD collection is a lot more tame! And I have to show you a picture of the photo wall above our couch. It centers around our 8 x 10 wedding picture signed by Mr. Luke Bryan!

Moving onto the kitchen. This is a semi-before picture. I put up the wine border. It had an American flag border. I love my country but not on my kitchen walls.

A month after we moved in, our ice maker leaked. Therefore we had to replace the floor.

I actually like this a lot better!!

The office is up next. When we moved in we didn't do much to this room. So tell you love the cantaloupe walls? Or the lovely blind color? How bout the two together?

We painted the office back in April and one of my coworkers installed carpet for us while we were on vacation. Oh and we replaced the blind!

Next up...the evil room. The bathroom. It started like this on move in day...

And quickly turned into this:

I wasn't crazy about it. But I knew we wanted to replace the floor with our tax check. But as luck would have it...we decided it was best that while we were tearing up the floor we would gut it. You heard me. Gut it. When you only have one bathroom it's NOT FUN. We love how it turned out though! Here's just one picture:

Last up is the game room. One of the main reasons we bought the house. Jon and I always said when we were dating that we wanted a room with a pool table. Well....

We got it! This baby was painted Colts Blue. No. Really. It's Colts Blue.

It also has a LOT more on the walls now!!

I have to post pictures of the spare bedroom & our bedroom still. But we are going to redo both of them this winter so I'll post pictures then!

Our house is still a work in progress but I love it.

I love it because it's our home.

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ErikaV said...

Some of the pics aren't showing up for me :( but the ones that did I loved! Very cute home! New follower from the Spreading the Love hop. Come by sometime and visit :)

Have a great weekend,
Erika @ Southern Belle as an Army Wife