Friday, January 1, 2010

Our From Now On!

It's a classic story. Girl and boy are best friends. Boy is head over heels with girl. Girl takes 5 years to come around....

Jon and I dated a few months in high school but broke it off. Went off to college and stayed best friends.

Over Christmas break our sophomore year we started talking and hanging out. I asked my friend Sam to go to dinner with us and invite her fiance Mark. Double date ish, I guess. Jon and I were sitting next to each other talking and laughing, only to realize we were holding hands. We kissed that night on my living room couch. Then went back to school...

I assumed we would be together but Jon never asked. We had already said "I love you" a few times before getting off the phone. Still no title. On January 25th, I got the question I had been waiting for. He waited until that day because that was the day we started dating in high school. He thought it would be special to ask on the same day two years later. :)

On July 3, 2007, Jon came to my apartment at school. I made dinner and started doing dishes. Jon told me there was something he wanted to talk to me about. I had butterflies for some reason. I was so nervous. I hurried and did the dishes. I came back into the room. He had moved all the furniture to the perimeter of the room.

He told me that he didn't want me to be his girlfriend anymore. I started freaking out-thinking he was going to break up with me. He jumbled through a few words before saying,"Wait..I mean...I don't want you to JUST be my girlfriend. Do you get what I'm saying?" I said,"No..." He stood up, stood me up and said,"I'm saying you're my everything..." and hit one knee. I'm not sure what else he said but I know it ended with "Will you marry me?"!

We knew we wanted to wait until we were both out of school to get married. I graduated in May 2008 and he graduated in December 2008. We started our jobs and began looking for a house. We found our home in May and moved in over Memorial Day weekend 2009.

In the midst of the house buying process, my boss told me about a lady in town who was giving away lab puppies. Jon wasn't all for it. I was ready to pick one up. We compromised-we said we would go look at the pups, if we didn't fall in love with one-we'd keep looking after we bought the house and got moved in.

We came up to the house and saw 6 puppies. All so cute. But there was this one that I kept looking at. The only black one in the litter. He came teetering up to me. I picked him up. Jon started petting him-he licked Jon's face. I went to sit him down, he started whining. I picked him up-he stopped. We made no rash decisions, but asked the lady to let us think about it for the night and we'd be back tomorrow but to please not give away the black puppy. After talking we said we would go back the next day. If he came bounding over to us again-he was ours. Sure enough, he saw us and started hopping to us. Love at first sight. That's how Reggie came into our lives!

Our lives continued to change for the better!

We said "I Do" on July 25, 2009! It was a picture perfect summer day! I still look at the pictures and get so teary eyed!

Enjoy a few pictures from the day!

Hope you've enjoyed our story so far...but it's only just beginning!

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