Friday, January 1, 2010

A little Intro

Hey! I figured it was about time I wrote an intro post so here we go.

The basics:

-25 years young.
-Hoosier born and raised.
-Graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design.
-Avid sports fan, especially NFL football. Yes, I'm a Colts fan. Yes, I know people hate Peyton. Yes, I play Fantasy Football. And yes, I can hold my own in a football conversation.
-Huge fan of country music.
-In love with the color pink.
-Loves having a clean and organized home.
-Loves Interior Design.
-Fur mama to my Reggie Monster.
-Married to the love of my life.
-Loves to eat, cook, bake, etc.
-Reality TV buff.
-Addicted to sweet tea.
-I believe every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson has a Joey.
-I love taking pictures.
-I have the best family I could ask for.
-My friends make my life so much better.
-I'm making it my goal to spend at least a weekend in Wilmington every year. I love that place!

And I figured I'd give some love to my favorite little furbaby:

Random facts:
-Marlin Jackson (Used to play for the Colts) told me once that I know a lot about football. This was after we had a twenty minute conversation about the different refs for the NFL.
-I've seen Dawson Leery's house. Twice. The first time was hands down something I will always remember. It was so beautiful. I found it online and met the gentleman that lives in the house now. He is a sweetheart.
-My husband is my best friend. We talk every day at lunch and every afternoon when he's driving home. Yet I still get excited when he gets home because I get to hug him, kiss him, cuddle him, and spend time with him.
-I'm an avid organizer and planner. I love the feeling of a house being clean. I love making lists. I love it. I feel at east when things aren't a mess.
-I'm obsessed with Bath and Body Works. My body wash, lotion, and body spray have to all be the same scent. The scent depends on the season. And I love their antibacterial lotions too! I have one in my purse and one at my desk at work.
-Which transitions into....I have a lotion problem. I use Johnson's Baby Lotion every night after I shower and on my face twice daily. I use B&BW lotion before I get dressed. I also have in shower lotion I use after I shave. Not to mention I have a travel size bottle of lotion in my purse and a Signature Collection bottle at work.
-I've met 3 NFL players. 2 Colts and 1 Cowboy. Keep that tally coming up!
-I love going on getaways! Jon and I try to go on 2 or 3 little getaways and one big vacation every year. We also do little getaways with our friends.
-I wish I was more risky when it comes to fashion. I'm a layer girl. I dress cute but I don't accessorize because I'd rather spend $20 on a new shirt than on a necklace. I'm a thrifty person I suppose.
-I love to cook. There-I said it. My secret's out. I love cooking dinner every night. It makes me feel good.
-I love napping and sleeping. My Sunday mornings usually go like this: wake up & take care of the pup, make breakfast, start a load of laundry, nap, watch football and do laundry. hahaha

That about sums me up! I'll add more as they come to me!


♥ Shar said...

Love your about me! We have A LOT of things in common!!!! :)

Thanks so much for visiting me! I'm your newest follower!

xo -Shar

Heather said...

Hi Kari,

This is Heather from Heather Drive. Can you please e-mail me? I saw your comment about the luan on my flooring post and I have a few questions. Couldn't find another way to get a hold of you :)

heatherdriveblog at yahoo dot com



Emily said...

Hi Kari! I am new here and it is nice to meet you! I read your comment on Megan's blog about craving pizza and headed over to your blog to find out your story! I am also pregnant and craving pizza nearly 24/7! My husband and I also live in IN. Small world! Where are you in IN, by your header pictures I would guess around Indy? We live near Fort Wayne!