Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally February!!

Confession--I love February!! Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Super Bowl, etc! Love it!!

This week is the start of it all! So excited!! That being said--this also changes the cleaning schedule a bit. But, no worries, everything will get done! Here's the game plan this week:

-Grocery Shopping
-Clean Reggie's crate
-Trim Reggie's nails

-Work til 5:00
-Clean the living room and hallway
-Clean the kitchen counter tops and refrigerator
-Make the trash is all taken out.

Tuesday: (Jon's Birthday!!)
-Work til 5:00
-Take Jon out for his birthday surprise! (I'll update this on Wednesday or Thursday with what it is.)

-Work until 5:30
-Mop the kitchen floor
-Clean the bathroom

-Enjoy my day off!
-Clean the bedroom, office, and game room.

-Work until 5:00
-Work on weekly menu
-Go to the grocery store
-Give the house a good clean over (vacuum, dishes, etc)

-Work until 3:00 (hoping to get off work early)
-GIRLS NIGHT!! (Dinner with my favorite ladies, going to a bar, enjoying girls night!)

Sunday: know...SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

Soooo excited!!!

Here is the weekly menu for this week:

Sunday: Spaghetti with mini meatballs, garlic bread
Monday: Hot dogs with shells and cheese
Tuesday: Out!
Wednesday: unsure--possibly chicken fingers?
Thursday: Tacos
Friday: something quick and easy
Saturday: out with my girls
Sunday: Super Bowl party food

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