Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Decorations

We still want to add a lot more--especially outside. We'll definitely be hitting up the day after Christmas sales!

I made this wreath last year. Total cost-$3.

Our tree! Don't worry--we're adding a lot more ornaments. And we have a tree topper, but it got lost in the move...along with our stockings! hahaha

A little decor on top of the bookcase.

Excuse the mess. Meet the coffee table...its other alias is the place Jon throws EVERYTHING when he walks into the house. hahaha

Table centerpiece

Our pass through in our hallway looking into the kitchen.

Our family =)

Eff you guys for doing this to me. I will NOT sit still or smile for this picture.
Merry Christmas and bah ham bug!
Love, Reggie