Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New "Gadget"

See the cleaning schedule? I used to be really good about spending all day Sunday cleaning our house but...well...let's not lie here. It's FOOTBALL SEASON. The only thing that gets done is laundry cuz I have to. lol So I decided to work a little each night so that way the house can stay clean. I put the overview in the gadget, but here's the breakdown:

-Laundry (including towels and sheets)
-Clean Reggie's crate.
-Clip Reggie's nails.
-Make grocery list/meal plan.
-Sweep porch.

Monday-Living Room & Hallway
-Dust everything (tables, accessories, fans, etc.)
-Clean windows.
-Vacuum couch.
-Sweep entry.
-Grocery shop
-Make sure all trash is taken out. (Tuesday is trash day.)

-Sweep/mop floor.
-Clean countertops.
-Clean fridge.
-Wipe down cabinets.
-Clean window.
-Clean microwave and stove.
(I do dishes as they are needed..usually Tuesday and Friday.)

-Sweep/mop floor.
-Clean shower, sink, toilet.
-Wipe down washer and dryer.
-Clean mirrors.

Thursday-Bedrooms/Office/Game Room
-Clean windows.

That leaves me Friday and Saturday to do NOTHING and Sunday is stuff I can easily do while I'm watching TV or during commercial breaks. This system seems to be working well so far...but it's only Tuesday. hahaha

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