Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's my update and my promise!

I'm sooo sucky at this lately!! I'm promising to get better! I even updated my layout. I was over the "too much stuff" thing so I made the background simple. I like it--it's less congested that way!
Okay, here's the update for you!!

This past Friday was the Luke Bryan concert. Jon got us tickets for our one month anniversary! It was amazing....well no I'm lying. It would have been amazing, but we heard terrible news just before the concert started. One of our friends had been killed in a car accident that night. So, the concert was bittersweet. But I tried to enjoy because I know that's what my friend would have wanted.

The past two days have been really hard for us. But I feel very blessed to have amazing friends and family and a wonderful husband to help get through this. This hasn't been easy but I have faith that it will get easier.

Here are some pictures from lately:

I love this picture of us :)


Hey, Luke!! He's so tall!

The game of the year--who goes for it on 4th and 2?! Look how big our baby is getting!!

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