Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

It's crazy to think that this long weekend is half over. :(

Thanksgiving was usual!! We were gone all day and I'm pretty sure Reggie missed us a lot. haha We even brought home left overs from Jon's mom's house so we had turkey literally all day long. hahaha

Friday (Black Friday to be exact) start bright and early for me. And even earlier for Jon--he left our house around 4:00 in the morning. I just can't bring myself to do that. I did that for one year and I will NEVER do that again. I did leave our house around 7:30 with one of my co-workers and her husband. I managed to get almost everyone bought for. I still have to finish my parents, my brother, and my best friend, Ash. And of course, I have to get Jon's stocking stuffers, but Kristy (said co-worker) and I have decided we're going to make it our tradition to get stocking stuffers when we get out of work on Christmas Eve. We did it last year and had so much fun! And got AMAZING deals! (Our kitchen dishes were $10 for a 4 person setting...on Black Friday they were on sale for $35...usually they are $49...SCORE!)

When Jon and I both got done shopping and after I scurried over to my parents to wrap the presents I had bought, we put up our Christmas decorations and put up our tree!! Reggie was NOT liking the tree..he barked at it several times yesterday. hahaha I'll have to take pictures soon of everything! I love having our own house to decorate! One of the many things I love about having our house together!

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my best friend and then watching football and doing laundry all day. Just a nice, relaxing Sunday. A great way to end a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's almost the weekend!!

Funny saying that considering today is only Tuesday. But oh well, after tomorrow I get a 4 day weekend!! WOOHOOHOO!!!

So far the cleaning schedule is going AMAZING. Instead of spending 4-6 hours in one day doing stuff, I spend about an hour a night doing it. I love it because I feel really motivated after I'm done..I feel like I accomplished something even after I got home from work. It's nice!

Soo excited for Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for..
*my wonderful husband
*my family
*my friends, especially my boys after everything
*my job
*my coworkers (I met my PICs (Partners-in-Crime) there.)
*good music
*our house
*Reggie Monster
*our health
*texting (lol)
*inside jokes

I could go on and on...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Decorations

Here are some pictures of our Halloween/Fall decorations! I'm planning on getting more next year, but this is a start!

Looove it!
Decorative pumpkins
Pass window between the hallway and the kitchen
I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New "Gadget"

See the cleaning schedule? I used to be really good about spending all day Sunday cleaning our house but...well...let's not lie here. It's FOOTBALL SEASON. The only thing that gets done is laundry cuz I have to. lol So I decided to work a little each night so that way the house can stay clean. I put the overview in the gadget, but here's the breakdown:

-Laundry (including towels and sheets)
-Clean Reggie's crate.
-Clip Reggie's nails.
-Make grocery list/meal plan.
-Sweep porch.

Monday-Living Room & Hallway
-Dust everything (tables, accessories, fans, etc.)
-Clean windows.
-Vacuum couch.
-Sweep entry.
-Grocery shop
-Make sure all trash is taken out. (Tuesday is trash day.)

-Sweep/mop floor.
-Clean countertops.
-Clean fridge.
-Wipe down cabinets.
-Clean window.
-Clean microwave and stove.
(I do dishes as they are needed..usually Tuesday and Friday.)

-Sweep/mop floor.
-Clean shower, sink, toilet.
-Wipe down washer and dryer.
-Clean mirrors.

Thursday-Bedrooms/Office/Game Room
-Clean windows.

That leaves me Friday and Saturday to do NOTHING and Sunday is stuff I can easily do while I'm watching TV or during commercial breaks. This system seems to be working well so far...but it's only Tuesday. hahaha

Here's my update and my promise!

I'm sooo sucky at this lately!! I'm promising to get better! I even updated my layout. I was over the "too much stuff" thing so I made the background simple. I like it--it's less congested that way!
Okay, here's the update for you!!

This past Friday was the Luke Bryan concert. Jon got us tickets for our one month anniversary! It was amazing....well no I'm lying. It would have been amazing, but we heard terrible news just before the concert started. One of our friends had been killed in a car accident that night. So, the concert was bittersweet. But I tried to enjoy because I know that's what my friend would have wanted.

The past two days have been really hard for us. But I feel very blessed to have amazing friends and family and a wonderful husband to help get through this. This hasn't been easy but I have faith that it will get easier.

Here are some pictures from lately:

I love this picture of us :)


Hey, Luke!! He's so tall!

The game of the year--who goes for it on 4th and 2?! Look how big our baby is getting!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick Update!

-Halloween was fun! Didn't take too many pictures though. I really need to start taking more pictures in general!

-Luke Bryan concert is in FIVE days, people!! FIIIIIIVE! :) :) :)

-Colts won again (barely..) 8-0! Next week is the most important game to me, though!

-Menu is updated, too!