Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pro Pics-Reception: Dances

First Dance-"My First Love Song" by Luke Bryan


This one is framed in our living room =)

We had these grins on our faces pretty much the entire night.

Enjoying the moment

Father-Daughter Dance-"Stealing Cinderella" by Chuck Wicks
I chose this song because my dad calls me his "princess".

This isn't a pro picture. My MOH took it. But I love it!


I love my dad!
Mother-Son Dance: "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard

Wedding Party Dance: "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

Mark and Sam--they didn't walk down the aisle together, but they danced together because they're married. =) They got married almost exactly a year before us. And they are our best friends. No, really..Sam is my best friend and Mark is Jon's best friend. Double date nights are the best!

Ash and Judo took one for the team and let the married couple dance together

Britt looks so happy in this picture =)

Cort and 40

Look who even danced together!

Ahahaha I love how Bow made Jordan dance--I don't think you could bend her arm if you tried!

Husband and Wife

Throwing this picture in here for two reasons. 1) When Britt and I talk we call it "Kar-Britt time". It's typical that I would be having Kar-Britt time in the middle of the bridal party dance. ahahaha 2) Check out J's socks. LOVE IT!

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