Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pro Pics: Fun at the Reception

In no particular order whatsoever...

Me and Cort dancin up on my new hubby
I believe this was during, "Heyyyyyyyyyyy I'm a country man!" We sing to each other a lot. :)

"Should Geis be in the group picture?" The guys in the huddle didn't know our photog took this picture.

My other brother

Dancin with my hubby

No one had fun

Kari Elizabeth and Skylar Elizabeth :) My beautiful neice who was named after me

Youuuuuuuuuu crank that soulja boy...

Dancin to Kanye's "Stronger"....this was pre-Taylor Swift fiasco. Nonetheless, it's me and Josh's song (the guy I'm dancin with)

My mom and some of her co-workers

me and Jon with his college friends

Jon with this college friends


This is my mom's uncle =)

Us with one of my bosses and his wife =)

my freshmen year roommie Mel

I love my coworkers. This was evident cuz in like every picture I'm in the background talking to them. lol The guy is one of my bosses. The lady on the other side of me is one of the other sales girls. :)

Skylar :)
There are TONS more too!

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