Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pro Pics--Family Shots

These aren't in any particular order but here they are!

me and my siblings

us with my immediate family

me and my immediate family

my brother =)

my sisser =)

the best woman in the world--my momma

the women in the fam--my neice, my sister, me, and my momma

Jon with his mom and dad

Jon and his mom

Jon and his grandma

Jon and his dad--love this one

Jon with his siblings

my mom and my aunts and uncle

us with Jon's family

us with Jon's grandma

Jon and his siblings, mom, and mom's boyfriend

Jon with his brother, dad, and stepmom

us with my parents

me and my parents

me and my mom again

me and my dad--in every picture he looks like he's about to cry

us with my parents, my sisser, my bro-in-law, and my neice and nephews

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