Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No more sicky, please!!

Jon was sick last weekend. I felt so bad for him. He was coughing and snoring so bad, I opted to sleep on the couch Sunday night (last Sunday rather) thinking that maybe that would help me to not get it...

Boy, was I wrong!

It started Thursday with a sore throat...I felt a little better Friday.

Then Saturday morning came, I felt awful! Sunday was even worse! :( I ended up not even going to work Monday and FINALLY today, I felt better. Not 100% but better.

Kleenex can thank me very much kindly for the....FIVE boxes I bought this weekend. And I'm on my last box....not...even...kidding. I should buy stock...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly Menu tab

As you can see, I took away the RSVP tracker and added a weekly menu tracker! I want to start planning our meals weekly to avoid buying unneccesary things at the grocery every week.


I'll be adding recipes on it as well!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ah, the joys of home ownership!

I wish you could sense my sarcasm! The past 3 days were ROUGH to say the least.

Let's backtrack here:

About a month or so ago, I got up to make breakfast. I noticed water on the floor. I discovered the water was actually coming from UNDER the laminate. Our icemaker had leaked. We needed a new floor.

Cut to this past week:

Since we had to take out the laminate, then put the vinyl done, the job took two days. The first day, we got the laminate taken up, the floor prepped, the luan down, ready for vinyl. We were blessed because no water got down to our subfloor! Woo!

Friday, we got our vinyl finished, hooked the water heater back up. Everything seemed great... *dun dun dun*

First, I broke the deadbolt on the side door. My key got stuck in the lock because one of the pins had fallen into the lock. Then, I go to wash some blankets only to discover the dryer wouldn't turn on. It ended up being an easy fix, but nonetheless at this point. lol

Then, I went to put Reggie to bed and I hear water running, similar to water coming out of the faucet. I opened the door to the pantry where the water heater is--water was coming out of the water heater! One of the thermostats had moved..possibly when the water heater was moved out to put the new floor in. UGH.

We think we have it fixed. Knock on wood!

Enjoy some pictures though!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pro Pics: Fun at the Reception

In no particular order whatsoever...

Me and Cort dancin up on my new hubby
I believe this was during, "Heyyyyyyyyyyy I'm a country man!" We sing to each other a lot. :)

"Should Geis be in the group picture?" The guys in the huddle didn't know our photog took this picture.

My other brother

Dancin with my hubby

No one had fun

Kari Elizabeth and Skylar Elizabeth :) My beautiful neice who was named after me

Youuuuuuuuuu crank that soulja boy...

Dancin to Kanye's "Stronger"....this was pre-Taylor Swift fiasco. Nonetheless, it's me and Josh's song (the guy I'm dancin with)

My mom and some of her co-workers

me and Jon with his college friends

Jon with this college friends


This is my mom's uncle =)

Us with one of my bosses and his wife =)

my freshmen year roommie Mel

I love my coworkers. This was evident cuz in like every picture I'm in the background talking to them. lol The guy is one of my bosses. The lady on the other side of me is one of the other sales girls. :)

Skylar :)
There are TONS more too!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

It's 7:00 P.M. which equals my 3-day weekend is pretty much gone. :(

That being said...this weekend was amazing!!

Saturday I managed to clean out my side of the closet and my dresser. I also cleaned the oven/stove, and did laundry. I cleaned the whole house too. I feel so accomplished.

We also went to the fireworks on Saturday night at Jon's grandma's. We brought them our wedding pictures to look through.

I did all of this while I slept in until AT LEAST 10:00 ever single day. Joyous!

Off to watch a movie with Reggie-Monster and dread when 7:00 hits in the morning!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pro Pics: Toasts, Cake Cutting, and Tosses

Toasts, toasts, toasts!

Best Man, Mark was first. He did such a good job! =)
Up next was my MOH, Ash. =)

Then it was time to cut the cake!

Our beautiful cake!! With the lyrics to our first dance song around it.

So pretty

Looks harmless enough...

Ohhh snap

atleast he was a sweetheart and wiped me off...mind you, he's palming my head like a basketball

...practically sitting on his knees lol

1, 2, 3...

Toss!! Look at this picture!! haha My friend Chels (in the red/purple/orange dress) looks like she will beat a bitch down for that bouquet! lol I was trying to get it to her seeing as how her and her husband got married 2 weeks after we did.

but my best friend (and BM) Sam's little sis (and my little sis therefore) caught it!

Oh goodness, he went with his mouth, people!

And in true "us" fashion, he hiked it like a football!

Yell...Scream...GO HORSE!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pro Pics-Reception: Dances

First Dance-"My First Love Song" by Luke Bryan


This one is framed in our living room =)

We had these grins on our faces pretty much the entire night.

Enjoying the moment

Father-Daughter Dance-"Stealing Cinderella" by Chuck Wicks
I chose this song because my dad calls me his "princess".

This isn't a pro picture. My MOH took it. But I love it!


I love my dad!
Mother-Son Dance: "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard

Wedding Party Dance: "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

Mark and Sam--they didn't walk down the aisle together, but they danced together because they're married. =) They got married almost exactly a year before us. And they are our best friends. No, really..Sam is my best friend and Mark is Jon's best friend. Double date nights are the best!

Ash and Judo took one for the team and let the married couple dance together

Britt looks so happy in this picture =)

Cort and 40

Look who even danced together!

Ahahaha I love how Bow made Jordan dance--I don't think you could bend her arm if you tried!

Husband and Wife

Throwing this picture in here for two reasons. 1) When Britt and I talk we call it "Kar-Britt time". It's typical that I would be having Kar-Britt time in the middle of the bridal party dance. ahahaha 2) Check out J's socks. LOVE IT!