Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today my goal was to tackle the gross-ness that was our financial docs--receipts, etc etc.

This was what we had before:

Yeah...there are no words really...

And now! MUCH better!

We put the folders in a portable file holder. Threw in some hanging files, made some labels, and voilia!

Portable file holder: $10.00
Hanging files: $0.00 (Jon's dad gave them to us.)
File folders: $4.50
Labels: $0.00 (I just made them by hand.)

Total cost: $14.50

Not too bad! My plan is at the end of the year to take the folders out and store them all in a cardbord file holder. I totally snagged that idea from my work! lol

I also bought us a mail sorter for the office too. It makes things so much easier!

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