Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Name, New License...New...Kitchen Floor?

My new social security card came in the mail yesterday!! Woo!! Then I was able to go to the license branch today after work and get a new license!! Bank accounts, credit card, mortgage papers, work papers, and I'm on my way!! :)

This morning I got ready extra early and was cooking scrambled eggs. I was standing to the side of the stove by the fridge and I noticed the bottom of my pants were a little wet. I look down and see a spot of water. No big deal.

I get on my knees to wipe it up with a towel. I hear a swooosh noise. I get up, my knees are SOAKED. I yell for Jon to come into the kitchen. I step on one of our laminate boards, water seeps through all 4 sides. Shiiiit.

What is a first time home owner to do? Oh well first she'll call her insurance agent. Then what??

She'll call one of her bosses!!! :)

One of my amazing bosses came over at 8:00 this morning and gave me his opinion--"Kari, you're probably going to need a new floor."

Waiting for the insurance adjuster to call and set up a time to come look at the floor.

Then the guys are going to help us get the estimates and everything ready.

I'm so glad we caught this early! What a relief!! I'll keep you updated!!

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