Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready

Our day started really early!! We were up well before 7:00 to start shower rounds and hair appointments started at 8:00! When we got to the hair salon, my hairstylist had mimosas ready for us! She's so amazing!
My hair stylist Alli and myself...with mimosas!!
After everyone got their hair done, we went back to the hotel suite. I had lunch for everyone..sandwiches, chips, cookies, snacks, the whole 9 yards. After lunch, Britt started on my make up!

Britt working her magic! Sidenote: You can't tell but it's POURING right about now.All done!
Now it's time to get into my dress....
Go team!

In my dress!

Cort is fixing my fallen curls before we leave!

Britt putting on my lip stuff!

Walking to get to the limo

Getting in!

me and my beautiful girls getting ready to head to the church

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