Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pro Pictures: Ceremony

Our moms lighting the unity candle

J and Bow

Geis and Britt

Sam and Judo

Cort and 40

The Best Man and Matron of Honor-Mark and Ash

Our ring bearer, flowergirl ,and her mom

Walking down the aisle with my dad

Saying our vows

With this ring

I thee wed
Lighting the unity candle

Wiping away a happy tear

One of my favorites =)
The kiss!

My momma

my brother =)

My nephew Cam

Everyone was crying which made me cry!

I love this one! The guy squeezing my arm is one of my co-workers who always gives me crap. Everyone you see in the background work with me too. I love them!

Husband and Wife!

In the limo


Getting ready to toast with the wedding party and head to the reception

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready

Our day started really early!! We were up well before 7:00 to start shower rounds and hair appointments started at 8:00! When we got to the hair salon, my hairstylist had mimosas ready for us! She's so amazing!
My hair stylist Alli and myself...with mimosas!!
After everyone got their hair done, we went back to the hotel suite. I had lunch for everyone..sandwiches, chips, cookies, snacks, the whole 9 yards. After lunch, Britt started on my make up!

Britt working her magic! Sidenote: You can't tell but it's POURING right about now.All done!
Now it's time to get into my dress....
Go team!

In my dress!

Cort is fixing my fallen curls before we leave!

Britt putting on my lip stuff!

Walking to get to the limo

Getting in!

me and my beautiful girls getting ready to head to the church

Time for Pro Pics!!

It may take time, but bare with me!! I owe them to you!

Rehearsal Dinner

I forgot to give my camera to someone during the rehearsal, so I don't have any pictures from the actual rehearsal, but here are some pictures from dinner!

We decided to do something casual for the dinner, so we just had food ordered in and ate in the basement of the church.

We had pizza, subs, veggies, fruit, cookies, etc etc. It was so good and everyone seemed to have fun!

Some of our wedding party

the Future Mr. & Mrs.

My baby girl--my neice, Jordan (who is now 15!)

The two first loves of my life, my nephews Cameron and Brendan (Cam is wearing the shirt we got him for the wedding. It PAINED me to buy a Duke shirt.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today my goal was to tackle the gross-ness that was our financial docs--receipts, etc etc.

This was what we had before:

Yeah...there are no words really...

And now! MUCH better!

We put the folders in a portable file holder. Threw in some hanging files, made some labels, and voilia!

Portable file holder: $10.00
Hanging files: $0.00 (Jon's dad gave them to us.)
File folders: $4.50
Labels: $0.00 (I just made them by hand.)

Total cost: $14.50

Not too bad! My plan is at the end of the year to take the folders out and store them all in a cardbord file holder. I totally snagged that idea from my work! lol

I also bought us a mail sorter for the office too. It makes things so much easier!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Month!

:) :)

We ate dinner tonight from the restaurant that catered our wedding. We're going to try to make a habit to do this every month on the 25th I think!

At lunch today we busted open our wedding cake! It was sooo good!! They're still so much of it left though!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Before and After Living Room/Hallway and Game Room!

After 12 hours of hard labor, my newest project is done!! I'm still working on hanging up some pictures and I'm also on the lookout for some paintings to go in here!

Here's the living room (well part of it) the day we got possession.

Our movie collection

With some furniture in it

Looking down the hallway

Our accent wall

Movie collection

Wedding Pictures =)

The hallway

The game room the day we moved in

After we got ahold of it ;) (Note the guitar in the Christmas present EVER!)

Bobble heads and Gordon (*gag*) cars!

64 scale cars...oh and my Waltrip pit board..SIGNED!