Friday, July 17, 2009

We're in the homestretch!

Today marks 8 days! 8, that's it!

Everything is done with the exception of wrapping Jon's gift and getting my bag ready for the night before/the big day/the night of the wedding!

I have a confession, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

I have 4.5 days of work left and they are dragging on and on and on. Hopefully today and tomorrow go by quickly. Then I'm sure next week will because I'll essentially be doing 2 weeks of work in two days so no one has to completely take care of everything I do while I'm gone.

Soo let's see:

Today: Work, relax with Jon
Saturday: Work, wedding reception :)
Sunday: SLEEP IN! I also need to go to the store and get us groceries, stuff for my overnight bag, and whitening strips...and tan.

Next week.....
Monday: Work, tan
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Work until noon, get the keys from the reception hall, go and pick up my rings!!!
Thursday: tan, decorate the reception hall, buy food for Friday night/Saturday morning
Friday: sleep in (or try to), have lunch with Britt, get a mani with Cort and Britt, decorate the church, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, back to the suite with my girls :)
Saturday: know.....THE WEDDING! :)


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