Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recap of the Wedding Weekend!

Here we are! A full recap of the wedding weekend! It's going to be long, so bear with me!


I started the day off by going to get my nails done with my BM Britt. Then we went out to lunch at Wendy's (like every other time we go out to lunch). After that, I went back home and finished packing for Friday and Saturday night. My BM Cort came over, we dropped some last minute stuff off at the reception venue. Then we checked into the hotel and we got stuff unpacked there. Changed clothes, and off we went to the church to start decorating.

The rehearsal was very short, and to be honest I left still not quite knowing what I was supposed to do. But I just ran with it. The dinner was so much fun! Everyone had a great time! And everyone enjoyed the gifts. After that, Jon and I kissed and off the girls and I went to the hotel. The guys went back to our house for some beer, pool, and Wii.

The girls and I stayed up until well after 1:00 talking and laughing. It was so much fun! I woke up probably 10 times between 1:00 and 6:45 when my alarm went off! Which leads us to...


We woke up at 6:30-6:45. As the girls started making rounds with the shower (I took one the night before), the rest of us went down and got breakfast.

The breakfast was AMAZING! They had biscuits and gravy, sausage, waffles, 5 types of cereal, bagels, donuts, muffins, English muffins, etc etc. So good!

We left at 7:45 to start our hair appointments at 8:00. When we got there, I sat down in the chair, and my hair stylist (since I was 12) came out with a gallon of orange juice and a bottle of champagne--MIMOSA time!! :) :) Our hair ended up getting done an hour early because the other wedding party never showed up for their 8:00 and 8:30 appointments. They strolled in as our last girl was paying for hers. Strange.

We went back to the hotel and ate lunch. I had bought things to make sandwiches, pop, water, chips, pretzels, cookies, and fruit. We all stuffed our faces!

After lunch, Britt did my make up! All the girls loved it, so she ended up doing the other girls' makeup too. :)

Around 12:30 my photographer got there. Along with my mom who came up shortly after. All the girls got dressed, then it was my turn! After I finally got into my dress, the photographer started taking some fun pictures of the girls and I.

The limo came to pick us up at 1:40 and the girls and I were off to the church! We were scheduled to take pictures from 2:00-3:10. We got all the pictures we wanted and more at 2:50! The guys were already at the church and dressed, so we started theirs early too...which ended up working out because guests started arriving earlier than expected too.

At this point we had about an hour to go before the wedding I was STARVING. My BM Britt came to my rescue with a banana! Shortly after that, my dad came to our rescue with water and chips. (He said the nachos looked AMAZING but he knew better. He's so sweet! lol)

So, the man from the church came in to tell us it was time to line up. My little flowergirl (who was ALL ABOUT throwing flowers up to this point) decided she didn't want to do it anymore and she acted like she fell asleep. lol

We're all lined up. I can here the musician playing Bless the Broken Road. I'm trying to make jokes to keep my dad from crying. I was still hanging tough on that front. Then all my girls started to go and my dad started getting REALLY nervous. I was afraid he was going to get sick. But he ended up composing himself and made it ok!

As we were walking down the aisle, he stepped on my dress! Ah! So I just said screw this business and kicked my dress out, then took a step. Kicked out, took a step. lol NOT my most graceful walk. I looked over and saw one of my mom's friends who swore up and down she wouldn't cry. When I walked by, I pointed at her, and that was it, she started crying. lol Then I looked over to the other side and saw my brother who was crying...then I started a little bit. I did okay until I saw Jon. Then I started to really cry. I look over, and all my girls except my MOH was BAWLING...even my neice had started to cry. When my dad gave my arm to Jon, we faced each other and he mouthed, "You look so beautiful." I started bawling. It was a moment that I will forever cherish. He just kept mouthing that to me. :)

When it was time for the unity candle, we couldn't get the big one to light so we were cracking up. And we used the unity candle song to talk to each other. :) Then we kissed and we were married!!! :)

We took some pictures and we were off to get back into the limo!!

We were supposed to have the limo for 2 hours after the wedding, but I couldn't fathom letting our guests sit there for TWO hours. They barely sat for 45 minutes.

During the limo ride, my sister called to tell me that my pastor had a death in the family and had to leave. She had signed the marriage license, but had left. She also asked for the number for the caterer because they weren't there yet. I asked what time it was. She said 6:15. I said they aren't supposed to be there until 6:30. Crisis diverted. :)

When we arrived at the reception hall, the parking lot was PACKED!!! We felt so loved! My DJ came up, got us all lined up. And off we went!

Then it was dinner time! Which was AMAZING!!! Everyone gave us compliments on it!! It was so good! We wanted to have an hour after dinner to catch up with our guests because sometimes people leave after dinner, we wanted to catch everyone.

No sooner did Jon and I get up and start making rounds, soon enough my awesome MOH came up to tell me that she was leaving in an hour and if I wanted her to do her speech we needed to get things going now. I should have done more/said more but instead I just told the DJ to start everything in ten minutes. UGH.

We had our first dance song, which was so amazing! We just danced and sang the song to each other. Then we had the father daughter dance which was precious. The mother son dance, and the bridal party dance.

We took about twenty minutes off.

Then the toasts came. The best man was up first and his was so sweet. I remember one line was, "I know that Jon loves sports, video games, and country music. But I know that he loves Kari the most." :) My matron of honor was up next and did her speech.

Then we went and cut the cake! And we smashed it! :)

Next was the bouquet toss! My BM Sam's little sister (and mine!) caught the bouquet! And then the garter toss was up next! One of our friend's and GM caught it!

Then it was time to dance the night away! And that's what we did!!

It was such an amazing time! There were a few set backs, but it worked out in the end! We have amazing family and friends. They all went above and beyond!!

And now we're married!!

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