Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It seems so surreal

Our wedding is really 3 days away!! I am just 4 hours from being done with work for ten days! I can't hardly believe it!! It's going to take all I have to get through those 4 hours, too! :)

Yesterday I was really stressed out about getting stuff done at work and one of my bosses said he wishes he could just send us to Cancun...ME TOO!!! :) I work for some great people, I swear it!

Today after I get off work, I'm going to go to the reception hall and pay them off. Then I'm going to get my RINGS back!! Then I need to put the initials on the girls' BM bouquets.

Tomorrow (OH MY GOD) Mom and I are decorating the reception hall!

It's coming up VERY quickly!!! AHH!!!

Countdown: 3 days!!

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