Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, hello!!

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Last weekend we moved into our house so I spent all of last weekend and much of this past week unpacking, painting, etc etc. But we're here! And I love it even more than I ever thought possible! Pictures of the house are up in my bio. :)

So yesterday was my usual day off work (I had 2 days off this week to unpack the house. I NEEDED IT. Tuesday was stressful trying to paint the last room and get everything done. Yesterday, I actually got some wedding stuff done!! I cut cardstock for the programs. I need to buy more, but I have about 350 pages cut. That's roughly 75 programs. I'll need closer to 200. lol But hey, it's a start.

I assembled all of the favor boxes. And I cut out all the table squares!

Small checks, but they count!

Oh annnnd next weekend is my bachelorette party!! EEE!!

Tomorrow after work I'm going to run to my parents to get the rest of my stuff and make menu coasters most of the afternoon! It feels good to be moved in and settled.

Sucky thing is I still don't see Jon that much. He works 2 jobs.

Prime example is his schedule this weekend:
Friday: 6-11:30 (Job 1)
Saturday: 6-4 (Job 2), 6-12 (Job 1)
Sunday: 8-4 (Job 1)

Poor guy. :( I doubt he gets another Saturday night off until the end of the month.

Countdown: 50 days!!!

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