Monday, May 4, 2009

Jon's Gifts

I'm not sure if I've went into too much detail about the new house that we bought, so here's the rundown. (This ties in with Jon's gifts.)

-Pale Yellow
-3 Bedrooms
-Huge kitchen, huge bathroom, huge living room
-Nice back yard
-Nice location
-Game room--the owner is leaving us the pool table

Now, back when Jon and I started to become serious and talking about the future. We always said our perfect home had 3 bedrooms and a game room for Jon and I to display all of our sports memorbilia. And eventually, we would LOVE to get a pool table for the game room.

Needless to say, this is our dream house! :)

I racked my brain forever to try to think of something to get Jon for his wedding presents. I thought of b-pics, but I decided against it.

He's a sports FANATIC, so I'm trying to incorporate all of his favorite sports into a big compilation of gifts! Here's what I found so far:

(photo from

A painted pilsner glass. Jon loves beer and basketball--perfect!

For our awesome pool table:

(photo from

A Colts cue ball! This is a present for BOTH of us!

I also put in an order from an Ebay seller for a customized sign that has a picture of a couple pool balls and it will say, "JON'S GAME ROOM".

Now I just need to find something Reds and Jeff Gordon and I'll be set!

Countdown: 82 days!

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