Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking back...

...I was looking through my old posts on here and it made me smile and laugh a little. I kept seeing posts where I would say,"I can't believe how close we're getting to the one year mark!" or "Only 9 months to go!"

I sit here today looking at my countdown that says 102 days to go. CRAZY!!


2 more groomsmen got fitted for their tuxes today. Only 1 more groomsmen to go and our dads.

We ordered the ushers' gifts for the rehearsal dinner. We bought them monogrammed money clips. They should be in next Friday so I'll take pictures then.

We meet with our new pastor on Thursday! I'm really excited to meet with her! :)

I started tanning today so I'm not pasty-white for my shower in a month!

Speaking of shower, my mom sent my invitations out this weekend. We've already had some RSVP's. Yay! :)

Saturday, my mom and I (and possibly my best friend/MOH) are going to buy some gifts and things for the shower!

And in NWR news...

The bank called today. The appraisal went through ok. I called and got a quote on home owner's insurance. Now we just wait for the final review and the title company to get a move on. *fingers crossed*

Reggie is doing great. I visited him today! It makes my heart melt when I walk up and he comes bounding up to me like, "Hey! That's my mom!" lol I just love the little guy!

Countdown: 102 days!

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