Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm starting to resemble a lobster!

I started tanning last week and I bought the cheapest package. (I usually tan really quickly.) I got 2 free visits to the next up package a/k/a the Faster bed. Wonderful!

Last night, they asked if I wanted to use one of my visits to the faster bed. Sure, I do! She says,"You're really brown. I'll put you in there for 15 minutes."

15 minutes later I get out all dark and I'm super excited...and then...

About 2 hours later I notice that I look a little red.

A few hours later..I look even redder.

Today, my stomach, back, legs, chest, arms, basically everything is a lobster shade of red.

I should have just stuck with my "Fast" bed and been done with it!

I'm all itchy and uncomfortable...which makes me irritable and bitchy! lol

Guess who isn't going to be tanning for a few days...ME!