Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gotta consider the kiddos!

We're going to have between 10-15 kids at our wedding. I wanted to give them something to do while they are waiting on the wedding party to get in and they can eat dinner. I printed off this template online. Then I cut the pages, 2-hole punched them and tied blue and coral ribbon on the top. Then I took crayons, grouped them into 3 and tied them with the ribbon as well.

We spent a lot of time this weekend with Reggie. Here is my new favorite picture:

That sweet little look right there is the look he usually gives me when he gets in trouble.

*sigh* I'm realizing I really need to get on some stuff. Such as...
*Ceremony programs--should probably get a final design going for those
*Ceremony music--I need to set up a meeting with her
*Bustle--I need to figure out what to do about that. The lady who was going to do mine had a stroke so she's not doing alterations anymore. :( One of my friends said her grandma could probably do it. If not, she's going to get me the number of a woman who can do it. *fingers crossed*

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Countdown: 98 days!!


Maggie said...

Reggie is SOOOOOO cute! I just want to dog-nap him!

Amanda said...

I finished my activity books yesterday. I like how you you did yours. I used a full page of cardstock and made mine into a book. I love the way you did the crayons! I may do that instead of buying 4packs.

Kari said...

Reggie is cute..but he's now in his "I think everyone is a dog so when you play with me I try to bite your ear!" lol He's so funny though. I just love him!

I was going to make my activity books into a book form, but then I decided to just go the easy route. For the crayons, I went to the Flower Factory. They had 48 packs of Crayolas for $.75. I bought 2 packs, then just grouped them into 3 crayons and tied them with a ribbon. So simple!