Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Morning!

I managed to get ready for work fairly early this morning, so I figured I would update this! :)

Lots of checks lately!

-I got a few more menu coasters made. (And bought supplies to make more!)
-Jon and his Best Man got fitted for their tuxes.
-Got all of the invitations assembled, put in envelopes, and addressed! They just need stamps.
-Mom and I worked on my shower invitations. They are all addressed and ready to go. Mom is mailing them out this week!
-I printed out our rehearsal dinner invitations & timelines for our bridal party. I have left over forever stamps and envelopes so at the beginning of July I can send those out. :)
-Mom bought some really cute centerpieces for my shower. They are potted gerber daisies! So sweet! :)

This week I'll be busy with checks, too!
-Tomorrow (Thursday) I have my hair trial appointment.
-I really need to find some inspiration pictures. For awhile now I have been thinking of wearing my hair half up, but I'm worried that it will be too humid for the curls to hold up. So tonight I'm going to look for cute updo pictures to show my hair stylist.

And in NWR checks:
-On Saturday we get our puppy!! :) :)
-This week SHOULD be our home appraisal! *fingers crossed*

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