Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Completed Restroom Baskets

Men's Basket: Wet Ones travel wipes, kleenex, travel sewing kit, Axe travel body spray, Band-aids, Shout wipes, Mouthwash, floss, mints, antibacterial lotion, Advil

Women's Basket: Wet Ones travel pack, nail file, travel size sewing kit, tampons, panty liners, kleenex, body spray, mouthwash, Advil, mints, floss, antibacterial lotion, Shout wipes
Total (including the 2 baskets): $14.50. Not too shabby!
Also, the last GM got fitted for his tux! My dad should be getting fitted Sunday! Then that will be checked off!
In NWR news, we close on our house on Friday!!! WOOHOOHOOOHOOHOO!!! I'm so excited!!
Countdown: 87 days!!

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