Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time is of the Essence

We've been spending a lot of time finding a house this week. We found one, put an offer, got a counter offer, and today we're giving yet another offer. It doesn't make for much time for wedding planning. lol I woke up this morning determined to catch up on my checklist. I made the timelines for the bridal party. The first one is for the guys. The second one is for the girls. You can't read the text too well, so I'll write the times under each picture. I'm happy with the way they came out though. We'll print these off and send them (to our out-of-town members) and hand them to the others. :)

Friday 6:00 Rehearsal, 6:45 Rehearsal Dinner
Saturday 2:30 Get ready at the church 3:15 Pictures 4:30 Ceremony 5:00 Finish pictures 5:30 Limo takes bridal party to reception hall

Friday 6:00 Rehearsal 6:45 Rehearsal dinner 8:00 Head to the hotel suite
Saturday 9:00 Breakfast 10:30 Hair appointments 12:30 Go back to the hotel, get dressed and put on make up 1:45 Limo takes us to the church 2:00 Pictures 4:30 Ceremony 5:15 Finish pictures 5:45 Limo takes bridal party to reception hall
*Note: I just realized I put the wrong times on the images, so I'll have to change those. lol*
Update on pastor situation: We have to wait until the board approves the pastor before she can officially become our pastor. But, we're 99.99999% sure they will approve her. It's just a formality the church has to do. Technically we're not supposed to find out until April 20th, but they are considering approving her through email votes so we know sooner. We'll just have to wait it out.
And just a sidenote: We registered at Target a month or so ago. We got a phone call from my aunt last week and she asked my mom if our registry was trying to tell her something. We had no idea what she was talking about. She said,"Look at your Target registry. There is a baby crib bumper on there!!" Sure enough. A baby blue and brown polka dotted baby bumper was on there. How it got on there--we have no idea. But we tried multiple times to get it off of there online and we couldn't do it. So we drove to the store last night and deleted that sucker off there. At first, we didn't think anyone would notice yet since my shower is still about 6 weeks away...then we got a text from one of Jon's friends that said something along the lines of, "Hey we're looking at your registry and Kari pregnant?" Hah. Negative. Let's hope nothing else gets magically added onto it.

Countdown: 4 months, 4 days!

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