Sunday, March 29, 2009

Productive wedding check weekend!

We're meeting with our new pastor on April 14th! YAY!!! I'm so excited!! :) Great news on that front!

Jon and I went to the mall yesterday and bought the GM's gifts.

We also bought small metal tins for the restroom baskets. I used some pale yellow tulle I bought to make a colored stripe to go around the tin. I also put a "W" and an "M" so we knew what went where. Here are the baskets so far:

Men's Basket contents: mouthwash, Advil, baby wipes, Tide wipes, hand sanitizer, smell good stuff, and bandaids.

Women's Basket contains: same as men's with the addition of hair spray

We're also going to add to each of the baskets: mints, floss, and kleenex. And for the women we'll add tampons and pantyliners.

And here are my bridal shower invitations! :) They are pre-made that we bought awhile ago, but I think they are very cute!

In house hunting news, we found a different house than the one I mentioned before. This one is much nicer inside and it has a pool table and a game room! Which is perfect for us! We were able to come to an agreement on an offer for the seller to pay closing costs and leave the appliances and the pool table! We got pre-approved for a certain amount and we were able to stay in that bracket. We're meeting with the bank tomorrow morning to go through everything, so hopefully tomorrow we'll know for sure if we can get the house! *fingers crossed*

Due to the last paragraph, we've decided that right now it would be best to focus on our house and getting it exactly how we want we've decided to just take a mini-moon right now and go to Gatlinburg in the spring with our tax check! :)

Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

Countdown: 119 days!

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