Monday, March 16, 2009


...that's about how I feel right now.

Between meetings for the wedding this month (reception hall, cake baker, and church all in a week) it's been hectic enough. I get the final word today--we should find a new officiant. Wonderful. 4 months and a week away. The pastors we originally booked can't promise they will be in town if they get a new job out of the state we'll be left high and dry. So I made two phone calls to 2 references that they gave me. I pray that one of them a) will be available b) will be willing to perform the ceremony and c) mesh with Jon and I.

We've also started looking at houses. We are meeting the realtor to look through some houses on Wednesday. Another day, another meeting. We've been calling banks to see which ones would give us the best rates, etc. More phone calls. More meetings.

Work seems to be my saving grace lately. I love walking into work and just doing my job. I don't have to answer my cell phone. Vendors don't have my work number (well, some of them do because they've done business with us but they don't call me at work). It's almost like a break. Not that I don't love wedding planning or house hunting, but it's nice to get away. My bosses are great. They let me complain about it, cry, do whatever else. It's so nice to have bosses who care. With that being said, word was mentioned today about possibly cutting people down to 4 days a week if business slows down. But I don't know if that will really happen or not. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm grateful to have a job, period. I'm BLESSED to have a job that I love.

Ya know it's crazy..the last time I stopped at the reception hall was to drop off my deposit back in June. There have been a few emails here and there but past that it's just been quiet. I go in the office last week and he asks about head tables and times and limos and cars and my mouth dropped. Wow...last time I was in there I didn't need to think about that stuff yet and now I need to figure out how we want the head table. Goodness gracious.

Let's hope this pastor thing gets resolved beyond ASAP. Fingers crossed. I have faith that we will have one, but I would like to know sooner than later.

Countdown: 4 months, 1 week

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