Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well after a crazy snow storm last week, we were actually able to go to our concert on Friday night!

The night ended with a drumstick, a guitar pick, and many other memories. It was the best concert I've ever been to--and I've been to a lot of them so this says A LOT!
In wedding related news, we changed our first dance song to "My First Love Song" by Luke Bryan! He's the artist we saw in concert on Friday night. We've been contemplating making this our first dance song for awhile because of the significance and memories we have related to the song and to Luke. Driving home from the concert, we both decided to change the song. And one email to our DJ and that was that. :)

I got all my BM's shoe sizes and ordered the Halle shoes from Target. They should be here around the first week of March, if not a little sooner. Check!

While we were in Greenwood on Sunday, we stopped at Michael's and we were just roaming through the aisles and I saw a TON of wine related stuff and thought this was be perfect for one of my friends who is helping me a lot with the wedding. She's manning the guest book table, helping with the cake..basically she's helping me more than she could know.

Here is her gift all packaged up. Jon said,"Did you buy it that way? It looks like a gift that was already packaged!" I guess that means I did really well! lol

Here are the contents of her gift. Small plates for crackers/snacks, a notebook, wine charms, coasters, a wine stopper, and napkins. I put all of these items inside a wine bag to tie the whole theme together.

In non-related wedding news again, my ole trusty computer got a bad virus in it and bit the dust hardcore. It would cost just as much to fix it as it would to get a new computer--so that's exactly what I did. Therefore, I lost all my wedding stuff that I had done...which sucks. The big one. I also only have a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office now. I'm planning on buying the program, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing that, so I went ahead and printed off our invitations and reply cards. I had to start them all from scratch again. I got them all printed off...and then realized that instead of putting the reply date as July 1st, I accidently typed the 21st. I checked the card before I hit print...A HUNDRED TIMES..but I didn't catch it until today. So I improvised and made my own response cards from scratch. Pictures to come soon. Here are the updated invitations that are all printed out:

And finally...I got a new pair of shoes for the ceremony and my flip flops for the reception!

Countdown: 5 months, 22 days!

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