Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And to make me feel like I've accomplished some things:

Here is my 6 month to do list that I posted last month. I feel better knowing I have a few checks done:

buy BM shoes, finalize GM attire, order tuxes, buy FG dress, buy FG shoes, buy reception shoes

Meet with pastors 2-3 more times, send ceremomy musician music, go over music with her, send in paper for the rehearsal, pay balances for everything

Buy container to put utensils in, buy punch bowl, buy pop, order tablecloths and alcohol, buy snack foods, make slide show, make fabric squares for the tables, pay balances

meet with cake baker, finalize cake design, pay balances

meet with DJ to finalize selctions, pay balance

make master list of photos, make a list of pictures to take in order, pay balance

print off invitations, print off reply cards, print off inserts, mount inserts, stamp reply card envelopes, address reply card envelope, assemble invitations, stamp envelopes, address envelopes, stamp "LOVE" stamp to act as seal, finalize program designs, print monogram on front of programs, tie ribbon on programs

buy GM gifts, buy Jon's gift, buy gift cards for parents, buy RB gift, buy guest book attendant/cake cutters gift, buy candy, mount monogram on coral, put monogram on favor boxes, fill boxes

fax info to limo company, pay balance

It's progress, I'm tellin ya!

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