Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let them eat cake!

This morning I met with the cake baker (I hated going without Jon but he was working.).

Basically, we're doing a 3-tiered cake that has the lyrics to our first dance song going around it.

It will be with white buttercream icing. The lyrics will be in blue and will say, "Whenever it comes on, I just think of you and everything you do. You're my one my from now on, You're my first love song."

The top layer: Funfetti
Middle Layer: White
Bottom Layer: Chocolate

We're also having a sheet cake that will be 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Checks over the weekend!

Unfortunately still no update about the pastor situation yet. I'll keep you posted for sure.

In good news though, Jon and I spent the entire day together yesterday and we managed to get a few wedding checks accomplished.

We stopped at the tux store and filled out the paperwork with the style we wanted for the guys. We stayed with the styles we chose originally that I posted on here.

They opened up a Christmas Tree Shoppe near us! :) times a million! We picked up some silverware and napkins for the rehearsal dinner. And we also picked up two paintings for our bedroom! :)

We also found our FG dress!! We got it at JC Penney's on sale for $35! Score! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I spoke with one of our pastors today and he assured me not to worry. He said that unless the church asks them to completely cut off ties with our church, they should be able to officiate the ceremony. He said to think of it in the terms of something that would happen if they were sick the day of our wedding. That made me feel a lot better!

Unfortunately, I won't know for sure if they can officiate until Sunday when we have our congregation meeting.

Fingers crossed this all works out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is not good

Last week we finished our premarital counseling sessions with our pastors. Everything went great. We're supposed to meet with them in 4-6 weeks to work on the details for the actual ceremony. Great, right?!

Until today. When we received a letter in the mail from the church (we're members) saying that they are in the process of "dissolving" the relationship between the pastors and the congregation.



Guess who is getting up early on their day off to call the church and get all of this straightened out. Ugh. I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And to make me feel like I've accomplished some things:

Here is my 6 month to do list that I posted last month. I feel better knowing I have a few checks done:

buy BM shoes, finalize GM attire, order tuxes, buy FG dress, buy FG shoes, buy reception shoes

Meet with pastors 2-3 more times, send ceremomy musician music, go over music with her, send in paper for the rehearsal, pay balances for everything

Buy container to put utensils in, buy punch bowl, buy pop, order tablecloths and alcohol, buy snack foods, make slide show, make fabric squares for the tables, pay balances

meet with cake baker, finalize cake design, pay balances

meet with DJ to finalize selctions, pay balance

make master list of photos, make a list of pictures to take in order, pay balance

print off invitations, print off reply cards, print off inserts, mount inserts, stamp reply card envelopes, address reply card envelope, assemble invitations, stamp envelopes, address envelopes, stamp "LOVE" stamp to act as seal, finalize program designs, print monogram on front of programs, tie ribbon on programs

buy GM gifts, buy Jon's gift, buy gift cards for parents, buy RB gift, buy guest book attendant/cake cutters gift, buy candy, mount monogram on coral, put monogram on favor boxes, fill boxes

fax info to limo company, pay balance

It's progress, I'm tellin ya!


Update on the wedding bands: Jon tried his on and it fits perfectly so yay! :)

We had another meeting with our pastors to go over the premarital questionnaires. We actually finished the questionnaires so we're clear to get married! Yay! Next time we meet with them we will start going over the details of the ceremony. We will probably do that next month so we can make sure we get all the deatils worked out in plenty of time. :)

Today, my super nice bosses let me go home 1.5 hours early for my birthday (Their idea to let me go home early--they're so nice!). So with my extra time, I finally got to making a list of the pictures we want taken. I also tried to map out what pictures we would take before and after the ceremony. So yay for another check!

We're hoping to meet with the cake baker on Feb. 28th. So that would conclude our February list of to-dos. Fingers crossed she can meet that day!

Countdown: 5 months, 1 week, 1 day

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They're in!

Our wedding bands came in today!! I have great bosses who let Fed Ex deliver the package to my work instead of me taking off work an entire day to wait for them. (Because APPARENTLY it's too much work for Fed Ex to call me when they're on my way to my house even though I work 10 minutes from home.) Anyways! Here they are:

Here is my engagement ring and the wedding band together! I think they look perfect together!

This is Jon's band!

It felt so real today when they came in! One great big CHECK!

Countdown: 5 months, 2 weeks

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wedding Nightmare #3

Ah, I haven't had one of these in a few months!

It started off the person who did my alterations cut my dress all the way above my knees. (I blame this on watching some wedding show before I went to sleep and the bride had THE shortest dress I've ever seen, period.) So the dress was so short that when I DID MY BUSTLE FOR THE CEREMONY (wtf?!) that you could see my ass. I started freaking out until one of my BMs (who I've never seen before in my life) said she would walk right behind me down the aisle so no one would know.

So it's time to go down the aisle with my dad and he runs me down the aisle and just leaves me there.

I'm standing at the altar and Jon is on the upper level (These altar has 2 stories? lol) And the pastor says, "Jon and his 3 groomsmen..." only we have 5 groomsmen and so did Jon in my dream.

And then my alarm went off.


Countdown: 5 months, 19 days

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finalized Inserts

After spending lots of time printing off all 110 copies of each they are! They will be mounted onto coral cardstock in a few weeks. But it feels so good to have them all printed off!

Here is the accommodation card. It lists the 2 hotels that we have room blocks. It lists the hotel rates, types of rooms available, the amenities of each hotel, and the dates the guests need to reserve their rooms by. Contact information for each hotel is also listed.

Here is the reception card--telling guests how to get from the church to the reception venue. It also provides directions if guests are just going straight to the reception.

And finally, here is the directions card with directions to the church and a map.

Funny thing is I had these all done before my computer bit the dust. And no matter what I did, the maps came out blurry and very small. I'm not sure what changed, but when I made the new map and put it on the inserts the map came out perfect. *shrugs*

In a few weeks, we'll get these mounted onto the coral cardstock.

I just got an email from Target saying that the last pair of shoes just got shipped today so they should be here within a few days.

The next thing on the to do list is to set up meetings with the cake baker and the pastors.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well after a crazy snow storm last week, we were actually able to go to our concert on Friday night!

The night ended with a drumstick, a guitar pick, and many other memories. It was the best concert I've ever been to--and I've been to a lot of them so this says A LOT!
In wedding related news, we changed our first dance song to "My First Love Song" by Luke Bryan! He's the artist we saw in concert on Friday night. We've been contemplating making this our first dance song for awhile because of the significance and memories we have related to the song and to Luke. Driving home from the concert, we both decided to change the song. And one email to our DJ and that was that. :)

I got all my BM's shoe sizes and ordered the Halle shoes from Target. They should be here around the first week of March, if not a little sooner. Check!

While we were in Greenwood on Sunday, we stopped at Michael's and we were just roaming through the aisles and I saw a TON of wine related stuff and thought this was be perfect for one of my friends who is helping me a lot with the wedding. She's manning the guest book table, helping with the cake..basically she's helping me more than she could know.

Here is her gift all packaged up. Jon said,"Did you buy it that way? It looks like a gift that was already packaged!" I guess that means I did really well! lol

Here are the contents of her gift. Small plates for crackers/snacks, a notebook, wine charms, coasters, a wine stopper, and napkins. I put all of these items inside a wine bag to tie the whole theme together.

In non-related wedding news again, my ole trusty computer got a bad virus in it and bit the dust hardcore. It would cost just as much to fix it as it would to get a new computer--so that's exactly what I did. Therefore, I lost all my wedding stuff that I had done...which sucks. The big one. I also only have a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office now. I'm planning on buying the program, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing that, so I went ahead and printed off our invitations and reply cards. I had to start them all from scratch again. I got them all printed off...and then realized that instead of putting the reply date as July 1st, I accidently typed the 21st. I checked the card before I hit print...A HUNDRED TIMES..but I didn't catch it until today. So I improvised and made my own response cards from scratch. Pictures to come soon. Here are the updated invitations that are all printed out:

And finally...I got a new pair of shoes for the ceremony and my flip flops for the reception!

Countdown: 5 months, 22 days!