Monday, January 26, 2009

And it starts...

Well here we of yesterday we have less than 6 months until we say "I do!"

Things are absolutely crazy right now. I don't even know how I have time to breathe sometimes.

In the next 2.5 weeks we have:
*Luke Bryan concert
*Jon's Birthday
*Valentine's Day
*My Birthday

I've also started working out so I look my best for the big day!

We also need to find time to meet with our pastors and our cake baker. Neither of which are gonna happen until after the Holiday Fest take 2.

Pending the gross weather we're supposed to get, I need to drop off the paperwork to the church to technically book the basement area for the rehearsal. But, considering we're supposed to get 4 inches of snow tonight--I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. If things go as planned, I'll drop the paperwork off on my lunch hour.

I'm also planning on ordering the BM shoes on Saturday. So that will be a good check.

And Jon's ring should be ready on Feb. 3rd which means we should get both of our rings on Feb. 5th which is next Thursday..another great check!

We also need to go over the ceremony music with our pianist.

Things are starting to get a little crazy...

I have a secret though...I like that they are getting crazy--I'm hoping this will make the next few months go by really quickly.

Countdown: 5 months, 30 days

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