Monday, January 26, 2009

And it starts...

Well here we of yesterday we have less than 6 months until we say "I do!"

Things are absolutely crazy right now. I don't even know how I have time to breathe sometimes.

In the next 2.5 weeks we have:
*Luke Bryan concert
*Jon's Birthday
*Valentine's Day
*My Birthday

I've also started working out so I look my best for the big day!

We also need to find time to meet with our pastors and our cake baker. Neither of which are gonna happen until after the Holiday Fest take 2.

Pending the gross weather we're supposed to get, I need to drop off the paperwork to the church to technically book the basement area for the rehearsal. But, considering we're supposed to get 4 inches of snow tonight--I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. If things go as planned, I'll drop the paperwork off on my lunch hour.

I'm also planning on ordering the BM shoes on Saturday. So that will be a good check.

And Jon's ring should be ready on Feb. 3rd which means we should get both of our rings on Feb. 5th which is next Thursday..another great check!

We also need to go over the ceremony music with our pianist.

Things are starting to get a little crazy...

I have a secret though...I like that they are getting crazy--I'm hoping this will make the next few months go by really quickly.

Countdown: 5 months, 30 days

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ohhhh we're halfway there!

Kudos to Bon Jovi for the blog title. ;)

Sunday marks 6 months until the wedding! I feel like there is still quite a lot left to do, so I did what I'm best at--I made a list:

ATTIRE: buy BM shoes, finalize GM attire, order tuxes, buy FG dress, buy FG shoes, buy reception shoes

CEREMONY: Meet with pastors 2-3 more times, send ceremomy musician music, go over music with her, send in paper for the rehearsal, pay balances for everything

RECEPTION: Buy container to put utensils in, buy punch bowl, buy pop, order tablecloths and alcohol, buy snack foods, make slide show, make fabric squares for the tables, pay balances

FOOD: meet with cake baker, finalize cake design, pay balances

MUSIC: meet with DJ to finalize selctions, pay balance

PHOTOGRAPHY: make master list of photos, make a list of pictures to take in order, pay balance

STATIONARY: print off invitations, print off reply cards, print off inserts, mount inserts, stamp reply card envelopes, address reply card envelope, assemble invitations, stamp envelopes, address envelopes, stamp "LOVE" stamp to act as seal, finalize program designs, print monogram on front of programs, tie ribbon on programs

FAVORS/GIFTS: buy GM gifts, buy Jon's gift, buy gift cards for parents, buy RB gift, buy guest book attendant/cake cutters gift, buy candy, mount monogram on coral, put monogram on favor boxes, fill boxes

TRANSPORTATION: fax info to limo company, pay balance

HONEYMOON: decide on attractions, pay balance

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursdays=Great Wedding Check Days

For the month of January I work every Saturday-therefore I get every Thursday off. Today I managed to get a few things done for the wedding. Small things, but checks, nonetheless.

-Mailed our DJ packet
-Stopped by the church and picked up paperwork for us to rent out the basement
-Emailed our pastors regarding several questions we had. And got a great response back: They ok'd our music and said we could go in early to take pictures.
-Spoke with Shane Company regarding Jon's ring and got confirmation that it will be ready on Feb. 3rd...which is in a little less than 10 days. :)
-Printed off and put pictures into the frames for the girls' bags.

And I got a few non-wedding related checks done too that I may as well share:
-I made Jon's anniversary gift. (We're actually doing a weekend away thing for a combo of our anniversary and Valentine's Day, but since we can't go away this weekend I did something small and sweet for him.) I took 3 boxes (It's our 3-year anniversary) and wrapped them in blue (his favorite color) and then I filled the boxes with pictures, letters, cards, ticket stubs, etc from the corresponding year. I also wrote a letter to put in each box about the year. I think it turned out great!
-I made my shirt for the Luke Bryan concert (which is next Friday!!!). On the front it says,"You Make Me Want To..." and on the back it says,"See You 4 Times In 1 Year!!" Jon came up with the saying...I think it's so fun! :)

So far the wedding checklist for the month is dwindling down along with the amount of days left in the month. We still have a few things we need to get done.

-I need to run to the church on my lunch hour Monday and turn in the paper so we're officially booked for the rehearsal dinner.
-Jon needs to finalize the decision for the GM attire...which that will take him looking at the pictures online again and saying yay or nay. (We've already taken a trip to the tux shop once.)
-Meet with the cake baker--unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen until the middle of February. Our schedules are just way too busy right now. But we'll see.

Countdown: 6 months, 3 Days

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"It's like Christmas!"

The title of this post is a quote from Jon as he watched me spread out my girls' wedding presents and stuff the bags to make more room (all of the contents that go into bags were in separate bags/boxes so we just consolidated space by putting stuff in the canvas bags).

We went to Michael's on Sunday and I found some really quote monogram notebooks that I bought each of the girls:

In a previous post, I mentioned we ordered our picture frames as part of our gifts to our parents. They came in the mail today! They look great!

Ignore my reflection: it's a mirrored picture frame lol

Also..I think I may have found shoes for my BMs! They are from Target (many many MANY thanks to amsulli for posting a picture in her blog of the black ones) and they price is amazing! I sent all the girls the shoes to get their seal of approval. I'm planning on ordering them probably within the next 2-4 weeks.

Last night, we reserved our rental car for the honeymoon too! We're just waiting on our cabin reservation packet to come in the mail so we can sign the contract and get all the info about the cabin! (SO EXCITED!!)

And finally, I got a text message from one of my out-of-state BMs that she booked her flight for the wedding!! It makes it feel so official! :)

Countdown: 6 months, 4 days!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We booked our cabin last night for Gatlinburg!! We're staying there Monday night and leaving Friday! (July 27-31) I'm SOOO excited!! Jon found this cabin and we both fell in love with it. I checked on it yesterday and the first week of July had already been booked. We talked about it because I wasn't planning on booking it until mid Feb. But Jon made a very valid point--you can check on it every day but if someone comes a long and rents it out--we're back at square one. With that, I picked up the phone! Here is the picture from the website:


We are both SO excited!! We're planning on doing lots of stuff while we're down there! We're gonna go to the Ripley's Aquarium, the wax museum, going to a minor league baseball game, and we're thinking about driving to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore! :)
Countdown: 6 months, 11 days

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you!

Got some work done on our gifts for the bridal party today, as well as our parents.

For our parents, we got them a personalized frame from Oriental Trading Company. It holds 2 4 x 6 pictures and on the top it says "Jon & Kari lastname" and on the bottom it says, "July 25, 2009." They should be in next Thursday so I'll get some pictures!

For the girls, I personalized their bags tonight. It took a little bit of work, turns out they left a vital part out of the instructions: letters must be COMPLETELY dry before trying to remove the plastic film. haha Oops. Anyways, I personalized the bags with the girls nicknames:

Overall, I think they turned out very well! And it's another check off for the month! :)
Countdown: 6 months, 13 days

Friday, January 9, 2009

Full Day of Wedding Planning

Yesterday turned out to be a great day for getting wedding stuff done.

First, we had a meeting with our pastors to go over our pre-marital questionnaire. We only got through 5 pages out of 35. So, we have a few pages left to say the least lol We didn't disagree on many (actually, only one) but they elaborated on each question. It definitely makes you think a lot (in good ways). :)

Jon ended up not having to work yesterday because of the cold weather. So we took the opportunity to go registering! :) Something we both have been looking forward to doing!

First we stopped at Target. I loved the way they had it set was so nice! And we got free smoothies! :) And a coupon for a free wedding cake at Super Target (It's a mini sample but still!). We didn't register for a lot of stuff there because we weren't sure how much we were going to register at Wal-Mart for.

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart and there's was a little less consumer-friendly. But we registered for a lot of kitchen items and some fun stuff too!

We're definitely not done, but it gives us a start!

We also have 2 tentative dates for my bridal shower: May 16th or May 23rd. It depends on which Saturday I have off! Still, it's excited to have things starting to come together so well!

Countdown: 6 months, 16 days

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Practice makes perfect!

Ah..the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. We haven't touched on it too much, but tonight we did. We're looking at around 35 people. Not too bad. We also decided on a location and food.

Before I get into the details, let me start by saying: around here, rehearsal dinners are not very formal or anything. We don't go to a super nice restaurant. Usually, you just block off a room at the ceremony location and just order in pizza or something. It's very informal and laid back. Which was exactly what we are going for. Something not too much..just calming and relaxing.

Location: We decided to hold it in the basement of the church.

Menu: 2 options: pizza and breadsticks, sub sandwiches and chips. We'll also have a cookie tray and some fruit. Then different types of drinks.

Perfect! :)

Also related to the rehearsal dinner, I managed to find a GREAT deal at Bath and Body Works and got some great smelling lotions/shower gels for the girls' gift bags. We also found the picture frames we want to get our parents. We will probably order those next month!

Countdown: 6 months, 19 days! (Also known as 200 days!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Please save the date!

Our Save-the-Dates are sent!! :)

We have a meeting set up with the priests next Thursday to go over our premarital questionnaires.

Our wedding bands should be into us by mid-February! Yay! I can't wait to see them!! Now...should we get them engraved??

Oh of yesterday, we're getting married THIS YEAR!!! :)

Countdown: 6 months, 23 days