Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've had a few people ask about the "To Do List" feature in my bio. I figured I would just make an entry here as to how I've managed to make this wedding organized so Jon and I know what's going on.
When we first got engaged, I had several wedding planning books, but I found that most of the stuff in them we wouldn't use. So I decided to just make my own binder and that's been the best decision.
In the front pocket I have my list of stuff to do/buy/send/make. It's basically just a master list. No dates or anything. Just a cut and dry list. I also have a list I printed off the Internet with a countdown to the wedding. (i.e. 12 months have this done). I also have copies of our ceremony music so I can give it to our pianist.
The actual binder is divided by tabs into the following sections:

*Budget (Copy of my excel spreadsheet budget sheet with projected, actual, deposits, and balances due)
*Guest List (Copy of my excel sheet with names, addresses, phone numbers, save the dates sent, invitations sent, number attending, thank you card sent)
*Attire & Beauty (Info for BM dresses & GM attire, pictures of make up and hair ideas, list of appointments)
*Ceremony (List of ceremony readings, sheets to take notes during meetings with priests)
*Flowers (Pictures of flowers, list of who gets corsages & bouts)
*Reception (List of what goes on what tables, floor plan I made for the reception hall)
*Food/Cake (Copy of menu, cake ideas)
*Music (List of music chosen for both ceremony and reception)
*Photography (List of photos we want)
*Favors & Gifts (List of what we want to get the BP and list of websites to get candy)
*Transportation (List of what the limo includes)
*Honeymoon (Information gathered by Jon for the honeymoon)
*Contacts & Contracts (Master list of everyone we are working with, copies of each contract)
*Hotel Accom. (Sheets describing what each hotel accom. includes)
*Misc. (DIY instructions, monthly calendar with what needs to be done)
Also, each divider has a list of things that need to be done for that particular area. (i.e. Ceremony: Meet with priests 4-5 times, Decide on specifics of Ceremony)
I must say, being so organized about this makes wedding planning SO much easier!
AAAAND: I signed onto The Knot today..and saw the countdown was 210 days. When I first signed us up for the Knot...we had 700+ days til the wedding!
Countdown: 6 months, 29 days!

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