Sunday, November 30, 2008

December To Do List

-Put quotes for pocketfolds.
-Cut and stamp Thank You cards.
-Type up invitations.
-Address Save-the-Dates.
-Set up hair appointments.
-Cut reception card papers.
-Buy stamps for Save-the-Dates.
-BM dresses ordered by December 31st.

Lots to do! January is even crazier, but I still have a month until that comes!

Sidenote: I also bought a really cute handkerchief today too. It's white with 2 little blue rhinestone hearts. Small check!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Update: Tuxes

I never put more than one blog entry up in a day, but I forgot to update on this part:

Jon and I went to the tux place last weekend and we changed it up a little bit. The groomsmen and Jon's tuxes are still the same, but the dads' tuxes are different.

The tux style is a basic classic notch style. All of the tuxes will have the same white shirts and black shoes with them, as well as Windsor style ties.

Jean Yves Onyx Royal Blue for Jon and the GM

Jean Yves Onyx Black for the dads'

Ceremony Music Finalized

Jon and I listened to music last night and we came up with:

Prelude songs:
Feels Like Home-Chantal Kreviazuk
Come Away With Me-Norah Jones
Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flatts
This Year's Love-David Gray
Only Hope-Mandy Moore

Mothers' Entrance: The Notebook-Aaron Zigman
Entrance of Wedding Party: Canon in D-Pachelbel
Entrance of Bride: Bridal Chorus-Richard Wagner
Lighting of the Unity Candle: I Wanna Be Your Everything-Keith Urban
Recessional: Wedding March-Mendelssohn

It's so hard to believe November is almost over! I only have one more thing I wanted to get done this month--finish filling out our pre-marital questionaire. Which I'm off to get done now!

Countdown: 7 months, 27 days

"It's amazing what I let my heart go through. To get me where it got me in this moment here with you."-Here by Rascal Flatts

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BM Jewelry...CHECK!

I picked these up when I went with one of my girls to get her BM dress ordered. I think they are simple and perfect! They are pretty enough to stand out, but not to overpower the dress. I think they will make the color of the dress really pop too!!
Also...3 girls have ordered their dresses now! My neice's dress is actually in already! Only 2 more girls to go! Yay!
Oh and...8 months to go, as of today! Yayy!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hotel Blocks && Bridal Suite...CHECK!

Mom & I went and got 2 sets of hotel blocks done today. One at the Holiday Inn and the other at the Hampton Inn.

Holiday Inn was pretty quick and straight and to the point. No tour (not a big deal..I've been there quite a few times.), no real anything. Just a piece of paper with the number of rooms blocked and the last day to block them.

Then we went to the Hampton Inn. Which is actually brand new in my town. We got a tour of this..AMAZING hotel! And they showed us one of each type of room they had. We walked into this large room that had 3 rooms with it, including the bathroom. I walked in it and immediately got all excited. The lady said,"This room sleeps 6 people. It could be used as a bridal room." I looked at my mom who was already looking at me and she goes,"Sold. Let's do it." So yay! I have a room now for me and my girls to stay the night before and get ready! :) We also looked at one of their small banquet rooms and liked it for the rehearsal dinner! :)

So much done! I'm so excited!

Jon and I are going to the mall tomorrow and there is a tuxedo shop there. We're going to look at tuxedos tomorrow! SO EXCITED!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updated List again!

Guest book
Pew Bows
Flowergirl basket
Ring bearer pillow
Bubbles basket
Programs (Design made. Just have to plug info in)
Programs basket
Unity Candle
Unity Candle holder

Wedding party flutes
Bride & Groom flutes
Cake server set
Cake topper
Centerpiece 1: Mirrors, voltives
Centerpiece 2: Vase candle, voltives
Card box
Mint bowls
Table cloths
Serving Bowls & Trays (For CH)
Decorative marbles
Head table decorations
Favor Boxes
Favor candy
Tuxedo mints
Plates (big & small)
Picture frames
Bathroom baskets & Supplies
CH food (We're going to provide that.)
Flowers for Arch
Punch bowl

Strathmore Paper
White cardstock
Stamp & Ink
Envelopes (Invites & Reply Cards)
Monogram Stickers
Address Labels
Post Cards
Envelopes (Thank you cards)

Save the Date's
Belly Bands
Reply cards
Accomodations Insert (waiting to get the hotel blocks done)
Directions Insert
Reception Insert

Programs (Prelim done)
Thank You Cards


Emergency kit
Cute, fun things ;)
BM dresses (picked out, girls should have them ordered by the end of Dec)
BM shoes
BM jewelry
FG dress
FG shoes
Jon's Tux
GM tuxes
GM Shoes
Outfit for morning of

OLD: pearls
NEW: dress
BORROWED: pearls
BLUE: garter

Bride's Bouquet
BM Bouquets
FG Petals
Groom's Bout
Toss Bouquet

Wedding Bands
Marriage License
Jon's Gift
Attendant Gifts
Parents' Gifts
Outfits for: Bridal Shower, Bach. party, rehearsal, honeymoon close to having everything!!

"Ordinary, no. Really don't think so. Just a precious few. Ever make it last. Get as lucky as--me and you."--Me and You by Kenny Chesney (Our first dance song)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shoes & Bridal Shower dress--CHECK!

Here are my super comfortable shoes for the ceremony. I'm considering buying chunky flip flops to wear for the reception.

And my cuuuute Bridal Shower dress! I couldn't pass it up! I love that it's coral! And that it was $5! =)

Monday, November 3, 2008

November To Do List

-Finish pocketfolds
-Cut belly bands
-Block hotel rooms
-Finish pre-marital questionaire

Not too bad. As of now, only 45 more pocketfolds need to be cut out of 115 so I think I'm doing ok. lol The belly bands shouldn't take too long. The hotel blocks shouldn't take more than a few hours. And the pre-marital questionaire can be done in a few hours as well. Which is nice considering the holidays are fast approaching!

Countdown: 8 months, 22 days